Health is Wealth.

7th April is World Health Day, a day to spread awareness on how health is the real wealth. World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a “state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Health includes physical, mental, emotional and social factors as the dimensions of well being. It is the measure of a person’s all round development.

Health doesn’t only imply physical strength or a healthy body but also a healthy mind and a healthy soul along with it. A healthy person is one who fits completely well into all the dimensions of well being, i.e. physical, mental, emotional, and social factors. Health has heal as its first four letters, if analyzed it’s not unintentional. Good health surely has a healing power.

The saying, “health is wealth” is so apt. Money can’t buy happiness but health can. In today’s world, health is the new wealth, happiness is the new success and kindness is the new style statement. The one who has health, happiness and kindness, in true sense, is the richest person on this planet. A good and healthy lifestyle, is the new trend that one must try to follow.

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Health is so important yet many of us neglect it. Strangely, it’s only when people land up in a hospital bed that they wish that they took good care of their health. There’s a famous quote, “prevention is better than cure,” but in this modern busy world, how many have time for prevention? Also, medical tests and diagnostic treatments are so expensive that many people can’t afford and would prefer to die untreated than get operated.

What’s sad is that no matter how hard one works, there’s no compensation for health. Doctors, teachers, nurses, officers, engineers, workers, employees, even parents work hard and spend sleepless nights only to serve others, yet there’s no health policy or measure taken to look after their health. Isn’t it a sad thing if doctors’, nurses’, teachers’, parents’ or any person’s health is affected only while taking care of other people?

Prevention seems a vestigial term left behind by ancestors, with no application in real life. In today’s hectic world, hardly people have time and patience to work upon themselves or plan prevention strategies? Healthcare and disease prevention were the areas of great-grandparents, grandparents and parents, where they excelled undoubtedly. They have always been the best healthcare experts.


During childhood, parents and teachers advised many to stay within their limits and to do that it did require training to learn and modify various behaviours. Staying within limits did require training and so does staying within the body. The body needs regular training to eat good, see good, hear good, think good, speak good and feel good.

Food for good health:

Balanced diet and exercise is important. One should eat a well balanced diet comprising the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, water, dietary fiber and roughage. A balanced diet includes the following:

  • Green leafy vegetables.
  • Beetroots, carrots, lemons, oranges.
  • Sea food- prawns, fishes, etc.
  • Mushrooms, pulses, peas.
  • Bitter gourd and french beans.
  • Nuts, almonds, walnuts.
  • Onion, garlic, ginger.
  • Eggs, meat, milk, cheese. 
  • Fruits- papaya, watermelon, grapes, apples, and others.

Ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle:

  • Eat a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals strengthening the immune system.
  • Exercise and sleep for atleast 7-8 hours. Remember, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
  • Drink atleast 2-3 litres of water everyday.
  • Once in a while unfollow the strict balanced diet and eat the food you like.
  • Avoid junk food as far as possible.
  • Skip elevators and escalators.
  • Try out digital detox.
  • Switch off mobiles and gadgets.
  • Disconnect from technology.
  • Connect with nature and the Almighty.
  • Socialise with family and friends.


The importance of good health:

  • It results in a state of  complete well being.
  • It boosts energy and improves blood circulation.
  • It increases endurance and resistance.
  • It uplifts mood by realising endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.
  • It slows the ageing process.
  • It improves skin texture and gives it a natural glow.
  • It strengthens immune system.
  • It prevents stroke, cardiac arrest and various other diseases.
  • It neutralises free radicals.
  • It lowers the stress levels.
  • It generates positivity and happy feeling.


There’s the saying “Health is wealth,” if health is wealth then why do many of us overlook health while working so hard in life or while making money? The earned money then can’t even buy health if fallen ill. So, people must eat good food and fruits (even if they are doctors) because “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

There’s a need for constant reminder to eat good, see good, hear good, think good, speak good and feel good. Take care of the body, mind and soul because it’s one’s permanent residence. One must build a joyful and peaceful residence or a happy nest for oneself. It’s the healthy mind, body and soul which then together results in a complete well being.

This writing piece of mine, was part of a collaboration with a purpose, the topic being- Health for all.

The following collaborators, from different countries of the world, participated in this writing event. Do read their take on the same topic:

  • Barb Caffrey (“So, if you believe in any sort of Higher Power, one of the things you need to remember is to forgive yourself once in a while.”)
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  • Jothish Joseph (“Anybody can write “Extra” before “ordinary” but only people of courage dare to earn it.”)
  • Ipuna Black (“None of us are perfect or come from perfect backgrounds, but this doesn’t mean we can’t aim for a positive and fulfilling life.”)
  • Jane Love (“People who have a genuine say and a true voice of their own not just an echo of some celebrity they think they love.”)
  • Mylene C. Orillo (“Where I’m at right now is a testament that ‘Dreams really do come true.”)
  • Sadaf Siddiqi (“The best thing about memories, is one doesn’t realise they are making memories but once recorded, it just rewinds and takes one back to the beautiful series of life.”)
  • Sonyo Estavillo (“I am here to champion anyone from the successful and confident folks, to those that are clinically depressed.”)
  • Tajwar Fatma (“When life hits you hard, hit back harder.”)
  • Nicolle K (“Success, for me, is when I spend my days feeling happy, peaceful, fulfilled and without fear of lack.”)

10 thoughts on “Health is Wealth.”

  1. You are quite right, Sadaf. Totally agree with this article on health. Here in United States medical tests are very expensive that many of us living here can’t afford. Health definitely is wealth, and no amount of money will make up for losing your health. I think quality of life is far more important than money, and being happy with yourself and being spiritually in tune with yourself is essential to having a good quality of life along with just not being sick.

    Love reading your articles.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Prevention is a better cure”
    I really think this is key to getting ahead of a situation rather than waiting until things get too bad. My stepdad waited too long to deal with his health and didn’t eat well. He fought all the time with my mother and refused to eat healthy. He ended up in a stroke that debilitated him for 2 years before he passed away.

    I think that prevention in his case, like many, could have avoided the fatality. You’ve listed great tips on achieving a healthy lifestyle. I also liked the list of foods you provided. I found that for mental health and a clear mind I have to eat a lot of high nutrient foods like leafy greens. I also take a lot of vitamins, exercise, and try and get a balanced sleep. If you know you suffer from an illness, you can make sure to live your life in a healthy way, so to avoid making a condition worse. This is how I manage my depression organically, as mental health plays a big role in our overall health.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Absolutely liked reading this, teacher. The body is indeed one’s permanent residence and it must be taken care of. I don’t think anyone would like to see their residence in a mess.
    Teacher, I particularly liked your comparison of today’s so called requirements with the aspects of real happiness. Health to wealth, happiness to success and my favorite, kindness to style statement! Wise words by the wisest teacher.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This line: “Health is so important yet many of us neglect it. Strangely, it’s only when people land up in a hospital bed that they wish that they took good care of their health. The famous quote, “prevention is better than cure” is very powerful. We are so lazy to take care of our health until it’s too late. Absolutely loved reading it. You are our wise teacher. Thank you for your tips on how to stay healthy!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Insightful as always, Sensei. I have learned so much from you. And there are many of your words that I wish I could place in a frame and share around as ornaments of wisdom.
    Wow. Much love, Sensei

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Awesome article, Sadaf! I agree health is wealth and it can buy happiness where money can’t! Prevention is better than cure, but sadly not everyone applies it. I hope readers will heed your words of wisdom. Thanks for writing it.

    Liked by 1 person

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