Life’s a Blessing in Disguise.

There are 365 days in a year and no two days are the same, some days just go too good and some days just go plain and bad. Then, there are some days which make people wonder and ask themselves, "What's exactly happening? Where is life heading to? Will life ever follow the right plan?"… Continue reading Life’s a Blessing in Disguise.


Superheroes Promoting Literacy.

Literacy is more than just the ability to read, write and count. Education is what remains after one has forgotten whatever one has learnt in school. Literacy is the education of mind, a lifelong process based on continuous learning. Many times it takes years to be educated in the real sense, but at the end when people… Continue reading Superheroes Promoting Literacy.

Scientific Selfishness Stories.

The current scenario of the world witnesses selfishness more than selflessness. Selfishness has become a more natural phenomenon than selflessness, almost to an extent that when someone cheats on people, they consider it fine and an expected response, but, get perplexed when someone doesn't and instead comes forward to help by exhibiting an unexpected selfless… Continue reading Scientific Selfishness Stories.