Freedom coming soon.

Thank you to all the wonderful readers for patiently bearing with my writing and even overpraising them. I'm overwhelmed to hear that my writings inspire so many readers like y'all. Thank you, readers. A reader has requested me to write on Freedom and has even asked, "What does freedom imply to you?" Thank you for… Continue reading Freedom coming soon.


The Friendship Bond.

Out of 7.6 billion people, the number gets randomly distributed to act as friends for different group of people. There's a common saying, "Birds of feathers flocked together," which holds true for friendship. The bond of friendship begins with the statement, "Wait, you too and I thought I was the only one." Rowing is the… Continue reading The Friendship Bond.

Scientific Selfishness Stories.

The current scenario of the world witnesses selfishness more than selflessness. Selfishness has become a more natural phenomenon than selflessness, almost to an extent that when someone cheats on people, they consider it fine and an expected response, but, get perplexed when someone doesn't and instead comes forward to help by exhibiting an unexpected selfless… Continue reading Scientific Selfishness Stories.