Life’s Mathematical Problems.

Life is interesting like Mathematics. Like Mathematics, life keeps presenting newer and newer problems before people that demands their immediate attention in order to solve these. Life is a Mathematical problem to solve, but Mathematical problems are way easier to solve than life problems, atleast Mathematical problems have solved examples for reference.  Many a times, it's… Continue reading Life’s Mathematical Problems.


What’s in a name, U.S.?

Once upon a time, William Shakespeare was noted saying, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." The nameless notion got buried with the famous poet. Many cultures witness grand naming ceremonies for the newly born. Name is so very important that there are also researches… Continue reading What’s in a name, U.S.?

Scientific Selfishness Stories.

The current scenario of the world witnesses selfishness more than selflessness. Selfishness has become a more natural phenomenon than selflessness, almost to an extent that when someone cheats on people, they consider it fine and an expected response, but, get perplexed when someone doesn't and instead comes forward to help by exhibiting an unexpected selfless… Continue reading Scientific Selfishness Stories.